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I'm the Technical Lead (UI Engineering) at McKinsey & Company. I also write code, write books and speak at conferences.

About me

I work to help make the web a better, more beautiful and more functional place. I'm passionate about open-standards, testing code and making the web the most open and accessible place it can possibly be. I like to share these ideas and practices with anyone who will listen.

I'm 29. I was born and raised in London. I'm half British and half Swedish (as you could probably tell by my name) so while I enjoy winter skinny dipping and herring; my British side means I also enjoy moaning about the weather and I never perform adequately at international football tournaments.

I spend a lot of time reading comics and going to movies with my fiance; which I then balance out with something manly like playing chess with bears. One of the things in the previous sentence may not be entirely true.

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